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Sanbot S1 (price reflects used item and Christmas discount half off sale)
  • Sanbot S1 (price reflects used item and Christmas discount half off sale)

    Robot like new sell-as-is Christmas sale. Security bot, entertainment bot, plays music, dances, baby monitor, training for kids to program production robots, retail store bot answering questions and welcoming customers.
    • Product Description

      Sanbot S1 is an intelligent, humanoid service robot which caters to the education, healthcare, hospitality, security and retail industry. The Sanbot platform is the result of years or research and development, and this new platform will unleash the power of cloud-enabled robotics and AI for the industries mentioned above.


      For the retail industry, the Sanbot S1 will increase the customer service and satisfaction, reduce labor cost, help retailers collect data and much more.


      For more information, check out our Sanbot S1 catalog.

    • Shipping Info

      Special Order

      This is a special order item. We will order it for you as soon as you place your order. Our normal availability for most products is 2 to 4 weeks. Contact us if you would like to know a more precise time for this product. Rush delivery may be available.

    • Size & Weight

      Length 902mm (35.5in)

      Width   421mm (16.6in)

      Depth   331mm (13.0in)

      Weight  19kg     (41.9in)

    • Battery

      Type: Lithium battery

      Capacity: 20Ah\300W

      Life: Runtime is about 4 hours; standby is over 10 hours

    • Sensor

      Head: Mic x 7, RGB Camera x 2, 3D sensor x  1,  Touch sensor x 7


      Body: Gyroscope sensor x 1, Human body induction sensor x 2, IR evading obstacle sensor x 1,
      IR message receiving sensor x 6, Touch sensor x 4, electronic compass sensor x 1


      Hand: IR evading obstacle sensor x 4, Touch sensor x 2


      Leg: IR evading obstacle sensor x 10, Omni Wheel x 3

    • Moving Parts

      Head: 2 x DOF, 180 degree at horizontal direction, 30 degree at  vertical direction

      Hand: 1x2(L/R) DOF, 270 degree swing back and forth

      Base: 3x DOF wheel sets

    • Video

      8.0MP HD camera

      1.0MP HD color camera with 140 degree aspheric surface angle

    • Display/Projection/Platform

      • Display:

      10.1 inch 1080P HD capacitance 10-point touch display

      HD wide gamut output



      • Projection:

      1920 x 720




      • Platform: 


    $10,995.00 Regular Price
    $5,497.50Sale Price
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