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Passionate about humanoid robotics and Artificial cognition to simplify life, DSC Robotics have come together with Sanbot to share with you- the future.  Sanbot S1 is the result of years of research and development. Sanbot is a cloud-enabled robotic and AI robot that can be used for retail, education, healthcare, hospitality, security and other customer- oriented industries.


DSC Robotics is a strict believer in customer satisfaction and fulfilling all of our customer's needs. Please check our 'services' page to learn more about DSC Robotics's services.


Robotics Software Development

Your robot solves your problems: They can do thousands of things, you just need the right application.


Tell us what you have in mind. We can develop the software you need.

Custom Robot Development

The robot you need. DSC Robotics has developed robotic solutions since 2014. We transform your ideas into working and reliable products.


Are you looking for a partnership? Do you have an idea? We can make it happen.



Get the knowledge you need to use your robot. Learn to set up the infrastructure, to access the robot remotely, to develop new software and to integrate it in your system.


Obtain the tools to fully understand the system!

Robotics and Autonomous Vehicle Development
Customized robotic software using ROS and autonomous vehicle software development available.

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